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The LP wide devices range is specifically designed to better adapt to the different cycles of charge and the timing required by each type of battery.

To direct the end user to choose the product that best suits your needs, LP has selected for you a complete set of charging equipment, specially made to better adapt to the technology that comes with the single accumulator.

The use of the unit recommended by the parent, ensures maximum performance not only of the charging device, but also the battery under the scheme.
It is important to know that the basis of best performance guaranteed for each product, there is first of all the respect of time required for each battery in order to restore its initial energy. Precisely for this fact it is essential to follow the instructions of charging instructions for each battery and for each type of the charging device.

It is also noted that despite the batteries of the range LP can be subjected to a brief charge cycle, it is however recommended to resort to this type of operation only in case of emergency.
In addition to extending the intervals between one cycle of charge and the other, the correct use of the charging equipment makes it possible to not only prolong the duration of the charge re-established, but life itself of the accumulator.

All devices in range extender LP are equipped with the most important safety devices, which ensure the protection of the end user and contribute to maximum cooling performance of each device.

  • The letters "OCP" for example, indicates that the charger is equipped with the "extra-current protection device", useful to prevent the risk of excess supply in the charger and the possible consequences on the battery under charge cycle .

  • "OVP" is the extra-voltage protection system, which ensures the charging device and battery from the possible exposure to excessive voltage.

  • "IP65" is the acronym that attests the strength of the unit charge to exposure to rain and moisture.

    The devices are also equipped with:

  • Protection against short-circuit.
  • Protection system against polarity inversion: in case the battery terminals are incorrectly connected to cables / eyelets / pliers prepared, such a device avoids that the battery is damaged, thus preventing the risk of possible leakage of gas.
  • Protection system against anti-overheating of the charging during the charging process or maintenance charging of the battery.
  • System anti-dissipation of energy: charging or maintenance charging, the energy produced by the device is conveyed into the battery, avoiding the dispersion into thermal energy.

    Optimizers charge with diagnostic system that allows a safe and precise control of the real state of charge of the battery, suitable for any type of technology for the construction of the battery.

    The range is complete with automatic loaders and plug-in charger box Professional 4 charging cycles 2-in-1 battery with AGM and GEL.
    These devices charge professional are able to support all the specifications required by the different types of batteries cars, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery and even ships.

    The offer range of battery charger, is not limited to the simple charging devices: devices to 4 cycles are present on the market also in the practical case to take with him, accompanied by the appropriate accessories.

    Always useful , but absolutely indispensable in case of emergency , these sets are composed of the charging adapter cables complete of pliers, plug-in and eyelets with plug adaptable for the wall outlet.
    Thanks to this rich product range , now with LP you can no longer remain on foot !