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LP offers a range motorcycle bulbs that meet the increasing demands of the market of two wheels . 6V to 12V , 4W to 100W , all light bulbs of the range offered by LP are characterized by an intense illuminating power that day to enlighten the path of your car , whatever it is.

The wide range of products in the auto bulbs includes various types of articles : from traditional bulbs , the bulbs lit with power enhanced , up to the most modern variant xenon .

Here are some examples of how to make up the bulbs LP range , designed for every application and every requirement of the end user :

The line is equipped with xenon bulbs revolutionary " Blue " in addition to enhance the color intensity of the light , thanks to the addition of special gas xenon amplifies the most illuminating power of rare gases.
At their finest of their expression , these gases allow bulbs with technology Blue illuminate day the stretch of road path , amplifying the reflectivity of the markings present along the road surface .
With xenon bulbs , you will drive more easily , without straining your eyes and more safely .