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DYNAC range of a batteries is able to offer a wide choice of products within the entire automotive industry.

Modern technologies and the know-how of developing an entire range guarantee a high standard of quality, both in terms of performance and production materials.

Dynac provide any means automotive starter all the power they need, whatever it is, and in any condition of use.

Powerful and reliable, these batteries are particularly suitable for applications in the automotive industry cyclical by their very nature subject the batteries that power them to intense vibration exposures deep.

To deal with this peculiarity of the means to deep cycle batteries DEEP CYCLE are specifically designed to maintain a high degree of stability and resistance to cyclic stresses dates continuous vibration.

That is why these accumulators are characterized by robust reinforcement plates and internal separators able to support the structure of the device and keep it integrates also in terms of performance.

The deep cycle batteries are also able to endure deep discharge cycles, that is also 80% of the charge power of the single accumulator.

Excellent level of performance and long product life cycle mean that the baterie DEEP CYCLE 6V - 8V and 12V are ideal for all applications in deep cycle, which includes the vast applicatico forklifts / forklifts, loading and unloading platforms, mobile platforms, electric wheelchairs, trolley Goal.