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DYNAC range of batteries is able to offer a wide choice of products within the entire automotive industry.

Modern technologies and the know-how of developing an entire range guarantee a high standard of quality, both in terms of performance and production materials.

Dynac provide any means automotive starter all the power they need, whatever it is, and in any condition of use.

Accumulators range SEMI-TRACTION lie in a range of application intermediate between the world of work and that of simple private vehicle.

Given the vast number of applications covered by these batteries, the batteries SEMI-TRACTION occur in several sub-ranges, each of which produced according to the technical specifications of the application destination.

The range SEMI-TRACTION AGM for example, is made according to the guidelines of the most advanced technology maintenance free, requiring no maintenance and helps to optimize time and costs of post-use.
Compared to other types of products SEMI - TRACTION , AGM batteries are capable of generating excellent starting power , even in the most extreme usage : Powerful and reliable , the products of this line are perfectly suited to the needs dictated by the specific techniques of trucks, buses , construction vehicles equipped with lifting platforms load - discharge , mechanical arms and forklifts , but also caravans , campers and marine applications .

For each application , these batteries are able to support also the various devices in energy consumption mounted on board of the same : computers , arms and / or mechanical blades , rods , platforms, systems for heating, cooling , insulation .

The high charge maintenance together with the ability to limit the self discharge , contribute to prolong the cycle life of the battery , keeping it more efficient , longer.

The endless range of application is between the 50Ah and 230Ah .