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DYNAC batteries range is able to offer a wide choice of products within the entire automotive industry.

Modern technologies and the know-how of developing an entire range guarantee a high standard of quality, both in terms of performance and production materials.
Dynac batteries provide any means automotive starter all the power they need, whatever it is, and in any condition of use.

Powerful and reliable, these batteries are ideally suited for all applications cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, agricultural vehicles, caravans, motor homes and other vehicles.

Among the immense opportunities offered by the range of choice Dynac proposed by LP, we are going to know more about the START - STOP, in his particular AGM. Version

The wide range of batteries START - STOP AGM is made with revolutionary technology maintenance free, obtained from the system Absorbent Glass Mat inside the core of the device, at which powers the battery electrolyte.

This particular system of absorption of the acid is based on the high absorbency part in glass fibers that wraps the space in which circulates the electrolyte, averting advance hazardous leaks.

The AGM line START-STOP also have a life cycle of up to 3 times longer than traditional batteries and resist better the deep recharge cycles.

Particularly suitable for all vehicles with start-stop system operation and advanced multiple devices in energy consumption on board, these accumulators are made in compliance with environmental standards and green technologies eco-friendly.

Batteries START - STOP AGM are available in 9 versions and cover a range of applications including between 60 Ah and 110 Ah.