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DYNAC batteries range is able to offer a wide choice of products within the entire automotive industry.

Modern technologies and the know-how of developing an entire range guarantee a high standard of quality, both in terms of performance and production materials. The batteries in series Dynac provide any means automotive starter all the power they need, whatever it is, and in any condition of use.

Powerful and reliable, these batteries are ideally suited for all applications cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, agricultural vehicles, caravans, motor homes and recreational vehicles.

Among the immense opportunities offered by the range of choice Dynac proposed by LP, we are going to know more about the START - STOP, in his particular version version EFB.

The wide range of batteries START - STOP EFB is designed with the most advanced know-how of Enhanced Flooded Battery, ideal for all vehicles equipped with the system in operation start-stop advanced, without additional functions to save energy.

These batteries are made in compliance with environmental standards and green technologies eco-friendly and have a life cycle of twice the conventional battery, resisting the best deep recharge cycles.

Batteries START - STOP AGM are available in 9 versions and cover a range of applications including between 60 Ah and 110 Ah.