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Aluminium forging division borns with goal to provide quality and good delivery time to all the customers that need this kind of technology .

The forged aluminum division 's objective is to supply quality and good delivery times of the parts for all customers who need this type of production

Alloys used for moulding
EN AW- Al Cu4 Si Mg ENAW2014
EN AW- Al Cu4 Mg Si ENAW2017
EN AW- Al Cu4 Mg1 ENAW2024
EN AW- Al Mg3 ENAW5754
EN AW- Al Mg Si ENAW6060
EN AW- Al Mg1 Si Cu ENAW6061
EN AW- Al Si1 Mg Mn ENAW6082
EN AW- Al Zn6 Mg0,8 Zr ENAW7003
EN AW- Al Zn4,5 Mg1 ENAW7020
EN AW- Al Zn5,5 Mg Cu ENAW7075
Other on request

In addition to the motorcycle fields ACCOSSATO provides details to other areas such as labeling and design .
ACCOSSATO technology in the aluminium forging allows to provide special security raw , machined , anodized and even pre-assembled according to customer requirements.