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Close to the motorcycles production, Accossato has started sales collaboration with the most important motorcycles companies. Since the beginning of these years are signed by the pillar in the company's history with the decision to make available its expertise and technology in the welding of aluminum parts and steel in every major motorcycle manufacturers
At the beginning of the 90’s borns the throttle division with the goal to produce steel handlebars and aluminium handlebars for OEM and for the Aftermarket .
First Accossato handlebar was made for the Ducati Monster production.
After that Accossato has supplied and is suppling handlebars for the most important motorcycles companies.

At the beginning of the 2000's Accossato took over a radiators company located in Piemonte.
This company had the Nockloc technology for the radiators production.
This aim allowed Accossato to enlarge his company plant and his Portfolio.

In the 2003 thanks to the positive trust of the market , ACCOSSATO decides to buy an aluminium forging plant that permits to increase the service level of his Customers for the rear frame arms swing arm production.

From 2003 up to 2007, ACCOSSATO plans a new revolutionary introduction on the market, the debut in the middle of 2007 of own catalogue with handlebars, folding levers, throttle controls.

In the 2015 ACCOSSATO launches on the market a new division called AG DISTRIBUTION, with the idea to join the ACCOSSATO racing products with a sales replacements items , top quality such as standard batteries, lithium batteries oil, fuel and air filter.

Today the ACCOSSATO is a Group of five production divisions inside an industrial plant of 31.000 mq which 17.000 mq covered.
ACCOSSATO production is based on welding machines, TIG and MIG welding robots, CNC machines, press machines of different deadweight, forging press machines and press furnaces.

The ACCOSSATO Group activity is divided between the co-design for the fulfilment of the products and for the serie production with the most important National and International motorcycles companies, but not only since some years ACCOSSATO deals with other action areas such us design and the design and implementation of its product range with the brand ACCOSSATO that is distributed nationally through a network of sales man and international distributors.
The best seller and most important product is the ACCOSSATO master cylinder, it is available in 19 different models and with the brake caliper do the complete ACCOSSATO brake system used in al lot of international competitions.