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Accossato racing experience in brake rotors stems from SBK,MOTO 2and MOTO 3 competitions , their specific design and the accurate selction of the raw materials allow the Accossato racing brake rotors to apply a hight effective braking force ; this is also due the very in depth studies about tolerances and clearance between disc bell and braking strip.

Their restrained weight represents another great advantage in terms of steering and motorbike control.

Accossato Racing offers three product lines.

Perfeclty interchangeable with OEM , dk line presents the same specifications as original brake rotors.

DKS Line is meant for circuit use, for categories where utter braking system is not allowed.
In dks floating brake rotors pins gurantee the right assembly between the ergal made disc bell and braking strip made of steel.Torque transmission is entrusted to inside , able to preserve constancy from thermal expansion and wear resistance.

Specifically designed for racing brake callipers.
Dkr Brake rotors are provided with 30 mm braking strip and oversize thikness.
In order to benefit from mass reduction , braking strip undergoes machining which slims the portions of its surface out of contact with brake pads.
Connection to the ergal made disc bell is given by 12 pins made of the same of the raw material .

Application list for brake rotors (Updated June 2015)