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Chain and sprockets belong together to deliver the highest possible efficiency in motorcycle transmission system.

Essential to calculate a good sprocket are the pitch and the roller diameter of the chain.

The pitch of a 520/525/530 chain is 15,875 mm or bigger (+ tolerance).Chain manufacturers apply their own tolerances on the pitch (we measured between +0.05% to +0.4% or 15.8829 mm to 15.9385mm)what makes it very difficult for sprocket manufactures to make the perfect fi t for the sprockets.
In this case there is a difference of 0.0556 mm or an average of ½ is 0.0278 mm on one teeth but on 20 teeth on the rear sprocket this makes as accumulated average of 0.5560 mm.

An Off-road chain has a very flexible type of qX-ring with specific anti-wear features. able to cope with mud, sand, stone we have to guarantee a flexible chain with no stiff links running smoothly and keeping the lubrication longtime inside. (DC520MRX-G).
all Off-road chains are provided with a Roller Diameter smaller than the standard 10.16mm (10.10-10.14). Experience tells us this is much better in off-road: a narrow space between chain, wheel and Roller allows dirt not to get stuck among these components, contributing to increase their life span. (ex. DC520R1-G / DC520MDX6-G / DC520MRX-G chains).