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Accossato rear stands are totally made in Italy , aluminium made .

These rear stands are realized inseide of Accossato frame division in Villastellone , they are a very hught quality product.

Available in front and back were as notable feature of being removable allowing to reduce bulk when trasporto.La the back of the stands is always black and the front is available in colors : black , gold , blue , red , green , orange, silver.

Availble in rear and front version , they have the feature of being removable , allowing to reduce the space during the transportation. Rear side is always black , the fornt one is available in gold, black, blue ,red , green , orange and silver.

The Accossato rear stand is sold with the cone support that can be used on all the models that require the fork lifting.

The Accossato rear sets is supplied with the ā€œLā€ rubber support or with the fork support , this permits to be used on all kinds of motorcycles.