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Accossato brake line kits are assembled according to rigid technical specificities, essential to ensure topmost performances.
This is why our brake line kits are approved by dekra 201126026 certification. Steel made, provided with a fluoropolymer central core and stainless steel fittings, our brake lines are provided from fading effect taking place in case of prolonged intensive use. al this ensures an excellent resistance against abrasion and corrosion.
Our fittings give a good connection, are lighter and safer than our competitors.
We do not have individual components prices, because we only sell them as a kit (front and rear).
Accossato brake line kits are available in 20 colours: black, carbon look, neon black, silver, red, neon red, pink, kawasaki green, neon green, purple, orange, neon orange, yellow, neon yellow, white, clear, denim blue, yamaha blue, gold, neon gold. uv-resistant, fittings are available in 6 colours: black, blue, silver, red, green and gold.
Purchaising a set of brake lines is very easy: find the brand, the model and the year on the following pages. brake lines are available in 4 different layouts:
s - standard: same brake lines as for the original configuration;
f - full-length: every brake lines connect the master cylinder to each brake caliper, qfront and rear;
o - over the mudguard: the front brake line connects the master cylinder to the right rear brake caliper, while another brake line connects the right brake caliper to the left one, by passing through the mudguard;
c - clutch: same clutchline as the original layout. the brake lines kits can be mounted as the customer prefers, with stainless steel or titanium fittings and they are supplied with all the needed parts for the assembly, such as screws and copper washer.
Warranty card and stickers are also supplied. brake line kits are supplied with all components.