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The “Street racing line” is a “ fashion” line by Accossato for all people that want to take care about the aestethic of the their motorcycles.
A huge range of products , with unique design completely made in Italy that improves your motorcycles on the aesthetic and functional point.

Main product of this line are black edition master cylinder with black body and coulored lever that join the Accossato racing technology with a studied aesthetic for this line.
Over than 36 different models available in standard version and also with integrated oil reservoir These last models are very useful in case of clutter reduction or on the naked for all the customers that are looking for an unique style for their motorcycles.

Revolution Lever belongs to this line.
With an easy movement of the hand the lever is adjustable in both side forward and backward It is possible to customized the lever handle for length and for the colours.

Finally we have also cnc grips , adjustable rear set , cnc oil reservoir, quick gas cap , handlebar ends, and oil cnc cap.Very important also all the products dedicated to the motorcycles protection as crash pads fork protection and stand support.

The last one but not for the importance, is the handlebar of 22 or 28 mm.
Accossato handlebars are realized with the OEM experice for all the most important motorcycles companies.
More over of 1000 codes with original bend, higher o lower about 1 cm