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Closed to the wide range of equipment for batteries LP offers the revolutionary


With revolutionary technology LiFePo4 battery, this device looks like a lithium battery emergency, made in the best charging technology and the know-how Landport.

Small but powerful, it will allow you to return the power needed also to your motorcycle battery.

Available for all types of 12V batteries, the booster JumpStarter Smart is for:

  • Give the inspiration needed for each battery type of 12V moped
  • Return power to the batteries of motorcycles, scooters, tablet PCs, digital cameras, MP3, smartphone and more
  • If necessary, this booster is transformed into a practical and essential battery charger: once connected to the DEVICE 12V battery of your two wheels, you simply plug it into the wall and can perform the charge safely.

    Among the benefits of the Smart Booster JumpStarter, practicality given the small size is certainly a central point:

  • COMPACT AND HANDY: small size for maximum ease of use
  • ULTRA-LIGHT: to take with you in comfort
  • SAFE: if exposed to excess voltage, it stops to maintain its integrity and maintain the correct operation of the battery

    As all devices in range extender LP, also the booster JumpStarter Smart is equipped with the most important safety devices, which ensure the protection of the end user and contribute to maximum cooling performance of each device. The abbreviation "OCP" for example, indicates that the charger is equipped with the "extra-current protection device", useful to prevent the risk of excess supply in the charger and the possible consequences on the battery under the charging cycle.

  • "OVP" is the extra-voltage protection system, which ensures the charging device and battery from the possible exposure to excessive voltage.

    L 'unit is also equipped with:

  • Protection against short-circuit.
  • Protection system against polarity inversion: in case the battery terminals are incorrectly connected to cables / eyelets / pliers prepared, such a device avoids that the battery is damaged, thus preventing the risk of possible leakage of gas.
  • Protection system against anti-overheating of the charging during the charging process or maintenance charging of the battery.
  • System anti-dissipation of energy: charging or maintenance charging, the energy produced by the device is conveyed into the battery, avoiding the dispersion into thermal energy.

    Within the sales package, the Smart JumpStarter has:

  • universal cable USB, to better adapt to any type of appliance and return the power required in any situation;
  • a pair of pliers for CONNECTING the booster to the terminals of your battery 12V;
  • A universal charger to connect your new Smart JumpStarter the wall outlet and turn it in a handy and safe, ideal in an emergency;
  • Finally, you will find a practical case to bring the booster with you: its pocket size makes it perfectly suited to accompany you at all times of the day.