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The Locks range offered by LP includes products for the safety of the motorcycle and scooter.

  • All products of the locks range LP are certified by the "PRO SAFE" and ensure maximum safety and reliability.

  • With the brake lock , compact and strong, you will always have security in your pocket: handy and easy to use, are also provided with a handy container to store the device and take it with you. In the version by 5.5mm or 10mm, to suit the needs of the individual application, in complete safety.

  • LP offers a wide range of anti-theft chains of lengths ranging from 65cm to 2m, to ensure you can park in any situation, without ever compromising safety.
    In its various forms, the range of anti-theft chains provides supplied the appropriate single or combination lock closure and chain homologated "ART 4052" that ensures a safety standard even higher.

  • To complete the range, the anti-theft cables LP with security lock are also available in the reinforced version, with cable armored security that ensures maximum strength and reliability.