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Mann Filter brand indicates the leading global manufacturer of filters, oil, air, fuel and gasoline of all types and for every application.

In the motorcycle aerea , Mann Filter offers a range of filters for the most technologically advanced vehicles and requiring constant maintenance of the highest level of filter cleaning, offering a first class service and all the quality OEM original equipment.

Well aware of motorcyclists and ATV enthusiasts and QUAD that already rely on the professionalism and quality unsurpassed brand Mann Filter: through an in-depth study of the know-how is ideal for any application, Mann has created high-performance filters, specifically designed to better respond to any type of requirement requires the individual vehicle.

The products Mann always ensure the maximum efficiency, ensuring a very high degree of cleanliness of the components which improves the performance of the vehicle, thus prolonging engine life.

Thanks to the extraordinary quality of materials, products Mann Filter are guaranteed for four years of life to the shelf, keeping completely unchanged their filtering effectiveness.


Air filters Mann Filter are built to an optimal structure of the folds of the filter surface inside. Made with a special printing process "embossing", or "overhang" of cellulose or tissue / non-woven, these filters have been specifically designed to prevent clogging internal and ensure the highest cleanliness and performance of the engine components .

The high cleaning power of filters Mann Filter is in fact indicated by the designation "DHC", which classifies it as a "filter high dirt holding capacity".

The optimum geometry of the folds also allows the filter to maintain a strong structural stability, even in the face of strong air flow which is constantly exposed.

The air filters whose filtering surface is not made with the technique of printing cantilevered become unstable at each stress on the air flow and consequently, their functionality inside the passenger compartment is inevitably compromised.

This is because the folds that support the structure of the filtering surface tend to yield and deform, generating pockets of where dirt accumulates unevenly further charge on the filter structure.

In addition to quality in the choice of filter media, including installation of a seal efficiently is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the air filter.
In the medium-long period of use, a seal of inadequate air cleaner housing motor, comprising filter elements of lower quality, is a source of considerable damage to the engine: the wear of the pistons through the entrance of dirt in the components is an clear example.

All this has an impact on service intervals shorter than, causing greater management in the post-use, generating extra costs and disrupt the life of the optimal performance of the product and on the life of the components inside the engine.

In order to avoid such drawbacks, the air filters Mann Filter are equipped with an optimal profile for the single box of the product, which adheres perfectly to the passenger.

Air filters Mann Filter also boast:

  • Resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Resistance to chemical reactions produced by oil and fuel vapors
  • Resistance to pulse
  • Mechanical stability in wet conditions
  • Water repellency

  • Anti - explosion: the filter surface in cellulose or woven / non-woven fabric is flame retardant .

    Thanks to the processing flame retardant , when exposed to flames or sparks in the filter media will pit but does not burn .

    Oil filters Mann Filter are fully realized according to the patented know-how Mann:

  • At the end of the process of realization of the filter, all the metals used are washed and treated to ensure right from the early stages of the product life the highest cleaning power.
  • Prior to being mounted within the structure of the oil filter, the valves anti-bleeding is tested individually, to ensure maximum efficiency of the product, from the first moment of its use.
  • The oil filters Mann Filter meet all the needs of vehicle and engine specifications indicated by the manufacturers.

    High filtration efficiency of the individual product is accompanied by an optimal wear protection of all internal components of the engine.
    The high absorption capacity of the dirt which certifies the product in the category "DHC", maintains the degree of cleanliness that the engine requires, prolonging the life of the vehicle and helping to protect the engine from wear. The features of realization of the oil filters Mann make the product suitable for cold starts, through a high efficiency filter which acts to bottom against wear, since single moment of ignition of the engine, especially in the case of engines more delicate.
    The excellent level of quality that is found in the absorbency and ripulente oil filters Mann is built starting from the careful selection of materials is important to use the filter media that is appropriate for each type of oil to be treated. And it is in compliance with this principle that Mann uses different filtering materials, each of which is suitable for the type of oil required by the engine of the single application.

    Mann oil filters are made from three types of filter media:

    1. Cellulose: the standard construction of the filter, designed for applications that require the use of mineral-based oils; 2. Cellulose fibers with addition of synthetic material for applications that require the use of oils based on semi-synthetic;
    3. Synthetic fibers: for the cleaning of the engines of the latest generation, which require only the use of purely synthetic base oils.

    There are different types of oil filters Mann:


    On the inside, the spin-on oil filters are made in a different way depending on the needs of the individual application of the motor of destination:
    1. Oil spin-on filter with bleeded valve / anti -drain located either on the dirty side and on that clean the filter and equipped with a bypass valve ;
    2. Filter Oil spin without valves;
    3. Oil spin filter with anti - drain valve on the dirty side .

    The bleeded valve on the dirty side of the filter seals the oil circuit that, even with the engine off, it remains isolated within the filter and prevents the discharge . In this way , when the engine is restarted, the pressure exerted immediately makes that the oil is quickly supplied to the engine.

    All the dirty oil passes through the filter media that deep cleans .
    At this point , the bypass valve remains closed, while the oil is free to circulate inside the circuit and once cleaned.



    When the capacity of absorption of dirt is at the limit, the filter is to be replaced: the harder the engine produces dirt, the shorter the life of the filter. Once absorbed the maximum amount of dirt, the filter media records a pressure difference greater than: the bypass valve tends to stay open longer and unfiltered oil reaches the lubrication points, damaging them.

  • The age of oil is a result of oxidation and particulate carbon (Diesel).
  • The foams caused by the combustion and the gas at the time of "blow-by" invalidate heavily on lubrication properties, causing an exposure of the product to higher temperatures and a grafting process of wear and noise which directly involves hydraulic tappets.

    Change the oil and filter mount a quality suitable to the intrinsic properties of the lubricant, it reduces wear and extends the life of the essential parts of the vehicle.

    Oil filters Mann Filter are also distinguished by:

  • Excellent engine lubrication and a significant fuel saving • ideal level of engine protection against wear
  • Improved preventive capacity of a clogging of the filter
  • Lubrication of the engine improved
  • The filter media does not degrade, even under the toughest conditions: extreme temperatures, poor quality oil, short trips, intensive performance
  • Filtration and optimum lubrication during cold start
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Recovery of recyclable filter materials